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bestseller/Tokyo Ramen Show


TOKYO RAMEN SHOW, one of the biggest Ramen festival in Japan, were held in 2009. The best of Ramen stores from all over Japan gather at one place and competed each other. In 2012, “TOYAMA BLACK” became a champion with the highest sales record in the history, 14,645 bowls in 5 days (the highest daily record 4,512 bowls in one day). “TOYAMA BLACK” was admitted to the Hall of Fame due to becoming a champion 3 times in a row from 2009. Therefore, we tried a new challenge with 10 local Ramen store’s owner, “TOYAMA MENYUKAI”. We produced TOYAMA WHITE SHRIMP RAMEN and became a champion once again.


At last year’s show champion,
Chef KURIHARA is privileged to open the Show.


As former champion, we never rest!
We continue to provide excellents.


New record achieved by our talented staff.


Packed at Komazawa Olympic Park